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Based in Dundee, Scotland

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TBD 2015

Android Tablet
Windows 8


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Sandcastles are an ephemeral art form, but swarms of toy soldiers trying to knock them don't certainly doesn't help matters!

Get ready to furiously dig and shape the sand in your backgarden play area, to funnel the many toy soldiers, jeeps, tanks and other nefarious enemies intent on bringing down your castle!

At your disposal you have toys of your own... Place them in the sandpit to tackle the advancing foes head on with lasers, missiles and all sorts of special abilities that you'll learn along the way!

Combine playing in the sand with your very own defensive strategy through interesting upgrades, and an array of powerful items such as chattering teeth landmines, lightning strike, alien airstrike and more!


Sandbox TD became a reality after the 24 hour, 2013 TIGA GameHack. The prototype was simple but certainly proved the concept, which we then took into full development at the start of 2014. As with all GT games, cross platform is our strength, but Sandbox TD was designed with tablet devices in mind, along with the freemium model.

It's also being developed as part of a series of original titles from GT that share a common theme; that is, they attempt to stir up some childhood nostalgia...


  • Epic sandpit battles!
  • Dig and build in the sand to funnel enemies into danger
  • A ton of replayability for each level
  • A plethora of upgrades to assist your strategy
  • An array of awesome items to buy and enjoy, including the Nuke and Alien Airstrike!


Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Teaser Trailer YouTube


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About Guerilla Tea

Guerilla Tea is an award winning independent game and software developer. The company works with a range of game publishers, brand owners and digital agencies to create exciting experiences on a variety of platforms. The Guerilla Tea studio is built around a core in-house team of highly skilled dynamic developers that draws upon the best local talent to bolster internal resources when necessary. Utilising the highest level of development standards Guerilla Tea mixes creativity, innovation and passion and strives to offer risk-free development solutions across multiple platforms covering hundreds of handsets and multiple languages.

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Sandbox Tower Defense Credits

Alex Zeitler, Kenneth MacKinnon, Brian Beacom

Charlie Czerkawski
Game Design

Matt Zanetti, Pier, Curto

Mark Hastings


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